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Rancid: ...Honor Is All We Know

Album Review

A lean, mean skanking machine: the last ones to die throw another right hook.

‘I’m back... I’m back where I belong...’ sings Tim Armstrong aka Lint aka Tim Timebomb; US punk band Rancid’s minted leader, arse hanging out of his trousers, ‘a rich man in a poor man’s shirt,’ as The Boss would have it. ‘I’ve been away far too long...’ he goes on. Well, yes and no. Since Rancid last released an album – 2009’s excellent Let The Dominoes Fall – Armstrong has put fingers in more pies than Sweeney Todd.

Just for starters, there’s his musical movie Tim Timebomb Sings Songs From RockNRoll Theater; that third Transplants album, In A Warzone; and Rebirth – a great collaboration with reggae royalty Jimmy Cliff. Meanwhile, Rancid bandmate, Viking and born-again boot boy Lars Frederiksen, filled the diary that opened up when he shut down his side project The Bastards by reaching out to the Oi! Polloi with his new band The Old Firm Casuals.


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