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Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Complete Studio Albums

Album Review

Even the slapdash packaging of this latest box set can’t detract from the US roots rockers’ near-peerless seven-album run.

Hot streaks make careers. Take the Beach Boys: without the extraordinary 14 months between July 1965, when work started on Pet Sounds, and September 1966, when Good Vibrations was completed, the otherwise shambling Brian Wilson wouldn’t be celebrated with the unquestioning affection he is today. Or The Kinks, with a run of 14 flawless hits in four years from 1964 building a reputation that hasn’t been seriously damaged by a subsequent 46 marked largely by mediocrity and bickering.

For Creedence Clearwater Revival, the hot streak began in July 1968 with their debut album, and ended a little over two years later with their sixth, Pendulum. It’s an astonishingly fecund run by any standards.


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