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Sleaze Round-up: March 2015

Album Review

Sleazegrinder on new releases from Hot Fog, Bad Sellin’ Record, Sins Of America, Studfaust and Death Hymn Number 9

Hot Fog: Secret Phantasies Of Dragon Sun

This is what metal would sound like now if Rob Halford liked vans more than motorcycles. Or maybe if those hippie sex cults from the early 70s liked Sabbath more than Jefferson Airplane or whatever shit they were listening to. I mean, it’s definitely got a ‘hill people’ vibe – hell, one of the tracks is even called Priest Of The Hillpeople – and you can tell this album would sound bitchin’ if you were wearing a ceremonial robe of some sort. But it also sorta sounds like the band Cheech and Chong would put together over a very stoned, very lost weekend in 1982. Anyway, Secret Phantasies Of Dragon Sun is a jammer, end to end, part hippie-metal mystical horseshit and part street-level denim demon riff rawk, with full-tilt axe-smashers like Sword Mountain and Tonight! (In The Night!), which celebrate and satirise big, dumb rock’n’roll all at once. Plus, you can dance to it. Everybody wins. (8/10)


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