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Sleaze Round-up: May 2015

Album Review

Sleazegrinder on new releases from Afterpartees, Thunder & Blitzkrieg, Beggars On Highway, Lou Siffer & The Howling Demons and Playboy Manbaby

Afterpartees: Glitter Lizard

Admittedly, they don’t look like much, but Afterpartees are one of the best rock’n’roll bands in operation today. They’re from the Netherlands, but you’d swear you saw ’em slumming it down in St Mark’s Place on a steamy summer night 35 years ago. They just ooze late-70s New York cool.

Their sound is glammy power-pop on shaky, lost-weekend legs, like the Rolling Stones and Generation X and maybe Richard Hell and the Voidoids were the only bands that existed before these guys showed up. Every song on Glitter Lizard is an uppercut, but Power Animal stands out as the real rabble-rouser of the bunch, a bubble-glam cruncher that builds into fist-pumping arena rock by the time you hit the chorus.

There’s also a great smoky slow-jammer (Stuck On The Night Shift) that glides with effortless junkie cool, several references to bathroom-stall sex and two songs about how they kinda hate Oasis. All killer, no filler. I wish they had cool shoes, but you can’t have everything. (8/10)


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