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Blues Round-up: June 2015

Album Review

Henry Yates on new releases from The Dirty Aces, Jeff Jensen, Left Lane Cruiser, Laurence Jones and The Graveltones

The Dirty Aces: From The Basement

British harmonica wizard and Dirty Aces leader Giles Robson has made no secret of his ambition to break beyond the blues circuit. With its smart, contemporary, melodic songwriting, From The Basement could take him overground. Sprayed with gale-force earworm harp hooks – apparently the result of a drinking session with Steve Cropper in which the Stax guitarist urged Robson to play ‘money licks’ – it’s rare to hear a blues-based album that could be so readily whistled by the milkman.

It’s eclectic, too. Gems like Sinnin’ ’Gainst Me have a foot planted in the Marquee circa’66, but the guitar break in Na Na Na Na Na evokes Daft Punk, and even trad-blues cuts like Anna Marie could reel in the indie kids. Among these, the slam-dunk moment – and the track to download the moment you’ve read this – is Ain’t No Forgettin’. A smash-and-grab punk-blues belter, it’s like Motörhead augmented by Little Walter, and an early contender for blues track of the year. (8/10)


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