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Faith No More: Sol Invictus

Album Review

Mercurial rockers return to upset the applecart

For a band that had deftly eluded all attempts at pigeonholing for nearly two decades, Faith No More’s 1998 break-up was ironically predictable. As the unrelenting pressures of mainstream success battered their hull, internally, the musicians – vocalist Mike Patton, keyboardist Roddy Bottum, bassist Billy Gould, guitarist Jon Hudson and drummer Mike Bordin – had grown weary of striking the hard-fought creative compromise that had underpinned each album.

This very tension – which had invested their music with such prismatic vitality – would ultimately tear the band apart. On the heels of their sixth outing, Album Of The Year, they formally disbanded. After years of steadfast denials regarding any manner of reunion, FNM’s 2009 tour announcement was met with eye-watering joy among the faithful.


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