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Alice Cooper: The Studio Albums 1969-1983

Album Review

Plenty of Killer songs in this 15-CD box set that pits Alice Cooper (the band) against Alice Cooper (the solo artist).

What you have here are the first 15 full-length recordings by Alice Cooper, the band (’69-’73), and the solo artist (’75-’83). If you’re even halfway serious about collating a classic rock collection then you’re going to have to own six of the albums contained herein, at least. So you might as well shell out fifty quid on this deliciously vanilla, nigh-on definitive set and be done with it.

At their peak ’71-’73, Alice Cooper (vocals), Dennis Dunaway (bass), Glen Buxton (lead guitar), Michael Bruce (rhythm guitar) and Neal Smith (drums) were the greatest garage-gritty, pop-friendly, rock’n’roll band on the planet. Then Alice simply split the band up, went on to serve up the magnificent Welcome To My Nightmare and, well, loads of others... But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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