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Sleaze Round-up: September 2015

Album Review

Sleazegrinder on new releases from Flak Bait, Dirty Black 7, Firing All Cylinders, Cyanide Saints and Manchu Eagle Murder

Flak Bait: Target For Tonight

Do you remember Deadbolt? Scariest band in the world. Voodoo truckerbilly from Northern California made by sketchy brutes in black with Elvis sideburns and pointy boots dripping with blood. Songs about chopping people’s heads off in Wichita and watching your flesh slowly rot. Holy smokes, if you missed out, you better catch up. Anyway, Flak Bait boast former Deadbolt frontman R.A. Maclean and some dudes who woulda been in Deadbolt if they were brave enough.

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