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Small Faces/Faces/Rod Stewart: Box Sets

Album Review

Fifteen CDs charting the progress of McLagan, Lane and Jones (oh, and Woody), and the varied fortunes of blue-eyed souls Marriott and Stewart.

If you’re a fan of British music from 1965 to 1975 – and there are many who would argue that this represented its apotheosis, even as the 40th anniversary of punk approaches – you’ll need these three box sets.

They tell the tale of six musicians whose contributions to an already thriving period are a matter of record: the mod band whose evolution from high-octane R&B to Tin Pan Alley-tinged psychedelia earned them a position in the mid-60s superleague, just below The Beatles/Rolling Stones/Who/Kinks and above The Animals/Yardbirds/Moody Blues/Zombies; the blokey rockers offering an earth(l)y version of Led Zeppelin’s demonic raunch, with a boozy, bluesy swagger matched only by the Stones; and the thatch-haired rasper whose ragtag jumbles of folk, rock, soul and blues propelled him to a 70s solo superstardom rivalled only by Elton and Bowie.


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