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Killing Joke: Pylon

Album Review

Jaz Coleman relights his apocalyptic funeral pyre

Driven by impulses and beliefs more urgent and profound than most bands could credibly lay claim to, Killing Joke have been so powerful for so long that you may wonder why there aren’t more bands as distinctive and daring as this.

Their 16th album since erupting from the London suburbs in the late 70s, Pylon is only predictable in the sense that it is an exercise in brilliant business as usual. In every other respect, Jaz Coleman and his comrades’ latest exorcising of apocalyptic demons is as potent, distinctive and exacting as any in their canon, exhibiting the same formidable character, thrilling freshness and venomous verve that fans will be expecting, while once again throwing up a brand new take on the band’s undying post-punk template. 


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