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Devin Townsend: Ziltoid - Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Album Review

Goofball meet grandeur at the high end of London

In 2006 Devin Townsend released a live DVD with the special edition of his organically elaborate album, Synchestra.

Edited together in a loveably DIY fashion, the result was much more than the sum of its parts, featuring a still-dreadlocked, emotionally exhausted Devin tearing through early classics like a man teetering on the edge. Ever a man of extremes, his music has always taken the form of painfully honest public catharsis, delivered with endearing humility. Nine years later, he’s made significant headway, finally seeming happy with his place in the universe. His demons have been displaced in the form of a mischievous being from across the omniverse, Ziltoid The Omniscient, whose latest puerile adventures in attempted world domination are wrought in the exuberantly bonkers Z2, and were brought to life at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year, a venue of prestigious world renown. That Devin had arrived at such a moment truly signifies  just how far he – and metal – had come.


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