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Sleaze Round-up: January 2016

Album Review

Sleazegrinder on new releases from Savage Hearts, Sabel, Razorbats, Ozone Mama and Street Clones

Savage Hearts: Witch And Wizard

Once upon a time these Noo Yawk hoods called themselves Wizard Sex, but then I’m guessing they finally sobered up and so, Savage Hearts. Whatever you call them, the music they play is spectacularly confident, true gunslinger blues, a steely eyed melange of ’78 punk, clattering garage rock, wobbly surf, ear-raking shoegaze and plenty of hardcore, edge-of-your-seat, sax-skronking, tambourine-shaking, inner-city rock’n’roll. I don’t even know who to compare them to, which is nice, except maybe Jim Thirlwell fronting Warrior Soul, which sounds insane, so never mind.  


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