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Witchcraft: Nucleus

Album Review

Swedish doomsters try to recapture their mojo

Back in 2007, around the release of The Alchemist, not only had Witchcraft all but created an entire scene in their wake, but over the span of just three albums they’d proved how much they had matured since their early days as pure vintage Pentagram worshippers.

Still keeping both feet in the late 60s/early 70s period, they’d managed to incorporate various elements of prog, folk and psychedelic rock. So why they – or more specifically frontman Magnus Pelander – then chose to go on hiatus for five years before rearranging half of their lineup is everybody’s guess. But when Legend finally hit the stores, gone was their finesse, replaced by a harder and more in-your-face sound, as if they’d dumped their girlfriend with her worn-out Uriah Heep t-shirt in favour of her younger, nosering- and Down tattoo-sporting sister – a move that turned out to be quite popular nonetheless.


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