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Abbath: Abbath

Album Review

Ex-Immortal icon opens up a new battlefront

You don’t expect (or want) smooth from Abbath.

His output with Immortal was all abrasive edges and coarse rasps, and all the better for it. The consequence, of course, is that some less-than-perfect moments are perhaps inevitable. So it shouldn’t surprise too many followers that his first release since his old band’s second, messier split has a few obvious flaws. The album is back-loaded, with most of the best songs coming at the end. It opens with its worst riff, suffers from a tinny drum sound and a woefully synthesised trumpet that ruins the chorus of Ashes Of The Damned, and is fairly short on the instantly iconic vocal moments its maker is so inimitably known for. There are likely to be committed fans of Abbath’s previous work disappointed with Abbath.


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