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Megadeth: Dystopia

Album Review

Dave Mustaine hits the reset-to-brilliant button

It’s amazing what a difference a bit of turmoil and resolution can do to the creative life of a veteran metal band.

When Megadeth released Super Collider in 2013, the response was, at best, mixed. Although nowhere near as bad as some critics made out, it was a largely pedestrian collection that boasted very little of the aggression and edginess that Megadeth’s fans tended to expect. We’ve been here before, of course (although Risk is another album with an excessively bad reputation), but one of the things that has long defined Dave Mustaine’s career is his ability to confound the cynics and, with an imperious sneer, flex those genre-refining muscles again. As a result, the fact that Dystopia is one of the finest records Megadeth have ever made should be less a welcome surprise than a reassuring return to the natural order of things.


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