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Deströyer 666: Wildfire

Album Review

Savage black/thrashers lay siege to your senses

Five albums in and KK Warslut’s Deströyer 666 still sound as savage as ever.

Combining the fire of Possessed with the Teutonic power of Sodom and early Kreator, Deströyer 666 filter these influences through a certain independent bloody-mindedness, and Wildfire is no exception. While hooded candlelight vigils and cavernous echoes are everywhere in death metal these days, KK and his mob take a more direct approach: foot on the monitor, fist in the air, bulletbelts, sore necks. Indeed, they’re as direct as a punch to the face.

D666 are consistently ferocious live and Wildfire captures that same sweat-drenched intensity with nine slices of rabid metal. Relocated Antipodean Warslut has recruited honorary Aussies, including RC from Grave Miasma and Cruciatmentum (two of the UK’s very best death metal bands), as well as Sweden’s Perra Karslon (Die Hard, In Aeternum). 


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