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Prong: X - No Absolutes

Album Review

NYC groove lords put a twist in their precision

If you stop and listen closely, you just might hear it: the crackle of Hell’s fiery lakes freezing over, because Prong have just released a ballad.

More on that later. Since those halcyon days of metal’s post-thrash evolution, the NYC crossover metallers have oozed with unbending old-school authoritarianism, even on their 1990 breakthrough, Beg To Differ. On Prong’s 11th original studio outing, the band return with another clutch of coarse, grooving, frenzied tempos and fretboard heroics. Though conjuring a distinct sonic amalgam that has drawn from groove, thrash and hardcore, prior releases have occasionally stalled from a distracting pattern of alternating styles throughout the album. 


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