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Autopsy: After The Cutting

Album Review

Floridian filthmongers birth mega-retrospective

As long-term Autopsy addicts will already know, there are as many re-releases, DVDs and compilations of death metal’s finest filthmongers as there are actual albums these days, so if you’re going to be asked to part with £30 for yet another retrospective, it’s going to have to be something pretty special.

On its own terms, After The Cutting is just that, and one of the finest examples of how to honour a quintessential act. Housed within its striking, 10-inch hardback exterior, complete with sublimely gruesome Kev Walker artwork – who’s come a long way from the first censored (and by today’s standards, not so shocking anymore) cover for Autopsy’s debut album, Severed Survival – are four CDs totalling 82 tracks, and a full-size 92-page booklet by renowned artist Dennis Dread detailing the history of the band. If Dennis is sometimes too close to his subject, the huge number of flyers, pictures and exclusive drawings makes it, by far, the most complete recollection of their story. Even the most informed follower will learn a thing or two and for hardcore Autopsy addicts, it’s possibly the biggest draw of the whole package.


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