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Caliban: Gravity

Album Review

Germany’s metalcore veterans turn to the dark side

If you’ve ever felt that metalcore needs some bigger, heavier, darker balls, get yourself a copy of Gravity.

 While it’s not a huge departure from Caliban’s previous records, it packs a punch with faster drums and a raw, spiky sound. To hell with flowery metaphors, too; Andreas Dörner’s guttural snarl of ‘You fucking prick/You’re dead/You make me sick!’ on opener Paralyzed gives an idea of the lyricism throughout. Amongst the bawled obscenities, though, are some positive messages about being comfortable in yourself (Who I Am) accepting and helping refugees (Walk Alone) and the evils of whaling (The Ocean’s Heart), where Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz adds some yearning backing vocals. 


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