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Oranssi Pazuzu: VÄRÄHTELIJÄ

Album Review

Blackened cosmonauts pass point of no return

If the black metal purist acts are like the Satanic version of a Catholic mass, then Oranssi Pazuzu are the evil equivalent of American Evangelical ministries.

Traditional they’re not – on Värähtelijä, you’d be forgiven for not spotting that it’s part of the same thing. But the sense of mesmeric reverie, of something dramatically sordid and unrestrained, is black metal to its core.

The basis is psychedelic guitars and electronics with black metal shrieks, but that description barely scratches the surface of a record littered with different sounds and textures. You can listen to Värähtelijä seven times and still feel like you’re only just starting to get a grip on the individual components. This is down to the metric fuck-ton of different ideas they’re hurling at your ears – but that’s only a small part. 


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