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The Infernal Sea: The Great Mortality

Album Review

Resurrected cult label unearths another black metal gem

English black metal is currently in the best state it’s been in years with bands such as Winterfylleth, Voices and now The Infernal Sea taking a huge step towards being the new masters of the genre.

The Great Mortality is a high-concept record taking in the reign of the Black Death during the mid-1300s, and as such the album beats with a disgusting, dirty heart. Opener Den Sorte Død builds on atmospheric shadows before bursting into Way Of The Wolf and its frenetic, crescendo-building guitars. Dean Lettice’s voice is cold, harsh and darkly disturbing with a vocal style that is reminiscent of old-school Norway, but deep bellows and the occasional segue into black’n’roll do much to stand The Infernal Sea apart from lesser acts.


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