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Bonehawk: Albino Rhino

Album Review

Michigan’s retro rockers keep an eye on the future

It would be easy to brush off these Michigan boys as down ’n’ dirty Clutch copycats, but that would downplay the quintet’s unique blend of classic retro Southern rock, seductive groove beats and trippy stoner-shaped doom riffage.

Their debut captures the sound of a bell-bottom era LP in a distinctly modern, digital format. Their sound is fresh and fun, yet seeped in nostalgia – like watching a re-run of That 70s Show on Comedy Central (perhaps because you’d imagine they could knock out a kick-ass cover of Big Star’s In The Street). Taking cues from sleaze, 90s sludge, doom and the unshakeable spirit of 70s hard rock, tracks like Warchild owe their existence to Sabbath, with the rest of the record full of catchy tunes that could almost rival a couple of classic rock riffs.


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