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Parkway Drive / Bury Tomorrow / Thy Art Is Murder

Album Review

Australia’s metalcore juggernauts enter a new era

It feels like tonight has been a long time in the making for Parkway Drive, and the more modern strand of heavy music in general.

The sign outside Brixton Academy proudly beams that it is ‘Sold Out’, and this isn’t some kind of media spun-version of a sold-out gig. This is front-to-back, crushed-together, sweaty-walls, fervour-and-tangible-anticipation sold out. Hammer have been here on other occasions where bands have created history and passed into folklore, and the whiff of that atmosphere is filling our nostrils even as THY ART IS MURDER [6] take the stage and do their level best to harness the excitement for their own gain. Unfortunately, although the band sound as monstrous as any opening act you can name, this is TAIM as a work in progress. With the departure of frontman CJ McMahon just before the tour the band lost a potent weapon in their arsenal, and current fill-in Nick Arthur possess neither the vocal range nor the unique charisma of his predecessor. Still, tonight is not the night to judge or write the band off. Closer Holy War gives you hope that they can regroup and return with the brutal potency we are used to.

The reaction to BURY TOMORROW [7] would satisfy a band headlining this venue and, with new album Earthbound being comfortably the best thing they’ve ever recorded, they deserve it. The likes of opener Earthbound and 301 up the heaviness in all the right places, but unfortunately BT are hampered by sound gremlins throughout their set. Guitarist and clean vocalist Jason Cameron’s hooks are a huge part of the Bury Tomorrow sound, and unfortunately he’s hit the hardest. It’s only when we get to the halfway point of the set that any of them are actually audible. Not that most people in attendance care, and it’s a sea of banging heads and circle pits throughout. If BT can inspire this whilst handicapped then imagine what will happen when they’re firing on all cylinders.


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