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Prog Round-up: June 2016

Album Review

Geoff Barton on the latest releases from Big Big Train, Jade Vine, Axon-Neuron, Jump and Amphetamin

Big Big Train: Folklore

Unlike the 08:41 to Waterloo that your frazzled scribe endures every weekday, we can’t get enough of Bournemouth’s brilliant Big Big Train. Their music was once described in these very pages as “the prog equivalent of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony”. That’s because BBT embody everything that’s great about this sceptred isle; it’s de rigeur to listen to their albums while consuming a quart of cask ale and swotting up on Donald Campbell’s high-speed heroics in a dog-eared copy of The Eagle. Their songs are pastoral, elegiac and unashamedly, soul-stirringly patriotic.


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