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Schammasch: Triangle

Album Review

Swiss mystics reach a new post-metal apex

While Schammasch’s 2010 debut promised future greatness, it wasn’t until the release of its captivating successor, 2014’s double album Contradiction, that the Swiss avant-metal act truly arrived.

Contradiction proved that Schammasch’s mastermind C.S.R. had the fearless ambition necessary to eventually usurp the iron throne of his fellow countryman Tom G Fischer, whose essential work with both Celtic Frost and Triptykon is one of Schammasch’s main inspirations.

Triangle is their most elaborate release yet: a 100-minute-long triple album comprised of three individual movements. I: The Process of Dying acts as a gateway between Contradiction and the more experimental styles of II and III. Statuesque doom, pitch-black atmospherics and pulverising death metal syncopations scorch on Father’s Breath, Consensus and In Dialogue With Death.

As good as this is, II: Metaflesh is even more impressive. The World Destroyed By Water is Cult Of Luna-esque post-metal tension personified; Metanoia’s dead-eyed gothic vocals and sumptuous guitar solo send its blasting attack skyward, and the Opeth-esque flourishes of Above The Stars Of God reveal outstanding progressive flair throughout.


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