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Anathema - Weather Systems/Universal Album Review

Album Review

Liverpool’s prog finest reach new heights in the studio and onstage.

It’s a measure of Anathema’s commitment and excellence, that a quarter of a century into their career they are releasing their best and certainly most acclaimed work.

Weather Systems (2012) and the live album/film Universal (2013) are being reissued here with a slight change of packaging and at a new lower price. There is no particular reason for their reappearance now, so soon after their original release (and that of 2014’s Distant Satellites), but music of such substance and emotional heft always deserves to be heard. It’s the emotional quality of Anathema’s music that gets mentioned the most; that and their steady shift from dark to light, from super-heavy doom metal to their current incarnation as purveyors of cathartic rock anthems. Weather Systems is the apotheosis so far of their metamorphosis: the songs taking the listener on a journey, all symphonic surges and crescendos, achieving, via warm melody and virtuoso instrumental performances,
a sort of epic intimacy.


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