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Judy Dyble With Dave Thompson - An Accidental Musician Book Review

Album Review

The elusive singer’s memoir is well worth Liefing through.

The girl they called ‘Judy Dribble’ in school writes a fun ‘Afore-Foreword’ in her warm, revealing and clear-eyed autobiography: “This is a book of my memories and recollections of times and occurrences over more than 60 years of living […] full of bumblingsabout and forgoodnessakeses […]. If you think there are mistakes, then there probably are.”

Therein lies the tone of this cosy fireside chat of a book, as the singer recalls her youth in post-war London with an Alan Bennett-like eye for detail. As music weaves its spell, she buys her first autoharp with money from her desk job at the GLC and starts frequenting folk clubs. She meets “a tall and distinctive-looking man called Ashley Hutchings” and “delightful lanky sixth former” Richard Thompson, and falls into the fledgling Fairport Convention, later knitting in the wings of the Speakeasy stage as Jimi Hendrix jams with the band.


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