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Purson - Desire's Magic Theatre Album Review

Album Review

Curtain up on the Prog Award winners’ unmissable second act.

If there were any sanity, let alone justice, in this crazy world, vocalist Rosalie Cunningham would be fast-tracked to international megastar status.

Never mind the joyous reality that Purson are a British psychedelic band with both an intuitive sense of exploratory wonder and the most incisive of pop sensibilities: Desire’s Magic Theatre proclaims its primary creator to be one of the most exciting and idiosyncratic musical visionaries of the century so far.

An endlessly inventive, mischievous and absorbing album of meticulously crafted psychedelia and theatrical bluster, the band’s second full-lengther takes Cunningham’s beloved 60s and 70s influences and slams them artfully together. As with the equally peculiar Knifeworld, Purson are reinventing psychedelia for a world dulled by interchangeable pop culture glossiness, and doing it with a sense of style that looks like the potential key to world-conquering success.

An endlessly inventive psychedelic tour de force.


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