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Southern Empire - Southern Empire Album Review

Album Review

Unitopia’s Sean Timms strikes back.

Many of those disappointed by the demise of Adelaide’s Unitopia in 2014 found fairly speedy consolation when Matt Williams, Tim Irrgang and David Hopgood regrouped as United Progressive Fraternity.

And now Unitopia’s keyboardist/multi-musician and main songwriter Sean Timms makes a return of his own, masterminding a wonderful five-piece line-up with the potential to cross several boundaries.

Southern Empire is a progressive rock act, there’s no doubt about it. But they also display a strong command of melodic songcraft – think Transatlantic wishing they were an AOR band. There’s richness to their sound and the material is imbued with a wonderfully even flow. Unlike so many prog show-offs, guilty of over-playing at every turn, Southern Empire subscribe to the theory of ‘less can also be more’.

The material has a wonderfully even flow.


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