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Tiles - Pretending 2 Run Album Review

Album Review

The Detroit band pick up the pace on album six.

Tiles have spent 22 years crafting a series of highly proficient heavy-prog records that simmered but, with the best will in the world, never quite came to the boil.

Presents Of Mind may have been praised by Ian Anderson and Mike Portnoy – both of whom appear on this latest set – back in 1999, but an elevation to the big time never came along. Now, at the sixth time of asking and returning after
the greater part of a decade, the Detroiters are releasing something to really turn up the heat.

Produced as ever by Terry Brown, the Rush mastermind with whom Tiles have been entangled since 1997’s Fence The Clear, Pretending 2 Run is an ambitious two-disc set with a running time of over 96 minutes. With Alex Lifeson popping in for a guest slot on their previous album, 2008’s Fly Paper, and their artwork often designed by Hugh Syme, the band have left themselves open to comparison to Rush for quite some time. In doing so they faced a no-win scenario. There’s no harm in being influenced by a particular group but no-one will ever out-Rush Rush – it cannot be done.

Imaginative, diverse, more satisfying than ever before.


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