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Paul McCartney - Pure McCartney album review

Album Review

Macca scours his solo-career catalogue for a compilation that, even at 67 tracks, only scratches the surface.

Like the Lifetime Achievement Award, the full-on career retrospective is a mixed achievement for any artist. On the one hand, it’s an acknowledgement of a lasting career full of excellence and cultural import, taking in every aspect of the musician’s work from the pop hits to the rarities. On the other hand it’s an obituary, the entertainment world’s equivalent of the gold watch you used to get when you retired from the bank. This is the reason that acts as respected and enduring as AC/DC and The Rolling Stones resisted such tributes for as long as was possible, preferring to emphasise new material over oldies. The latter can be annoying: it’s great that these bands are still continuing to work but we would rather not wait until they’re no longer with us to enjoy their archives.


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