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The Last Great Event By Ray Foulk with Caroline Foulk Book Review

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The 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival, according to its organiser.

The world within these pages is a different world. One far removed from the more corporate-oriented approach we know today when it comes to festival promotion. Along with his brothers, Ray Foulk organised not just the 1970 but the previous two festivals as well, and what he does brilliantly here is capture the spirit, chaos and serendipity of getting this off the ground. Foulk does go briefly into what happened in 1968 and ’69, to give some necessary background to the main bulk of this book. But this is kept to a minimum, as it has already been outlined in detail in his first book on the festival. What he deals with here is exactly what went into launching the 1970 shindig, and how close it came on several occasions to being scuppered.

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