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Pain Of Salvation: Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed and Re:lived) album review

Album Review

Swedes Pain Of Salvation's slight Re:turn to their 2002 breakthrough.

Few bands have challenged the expectations of their fans quite so regularly as Pain Of Salvation. From the impenetrable conceptual labyrinth of BE to the startling nu-metal crunch of Scarsick and on to the analogue riff rock of their last few albums, the Swedes have somehow managed to avoid alienating their core audience, perhaps because even their wildest flights of fancy have paid great creative dividends. Still, the decision to revisit what was both their breakthrough release and a cherished fan favourite seems like a curious one at this point.

Remedy Lane was a huge album for Daniel Gildenlöw’s crew: it enabled them to tour with Dream Theater and propelled them to somewhere close to the top of the prog metal ladder along the way. 14 years on from its original release, it doesn’t particularly seem like an album that required any revisions, and yet, in typically casual and classy fashion, Remedy Lane Re:visited once again proclaims Pain Of Salvation to be a band that simply don’t have shit ideas.

Sounds bigger, bolder and more vivid than before.


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