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Airbag: Disconnected album review

Album Review

Norwegian quintet’s fourth album is almost too assured.

For every band, that career-defining record is so near, and yet so far. On the release of Airbag’s 2013 album The Greatest Show On Earth, this very publication said that it was a “confident step in the right direction”, and “album number four really could be the big one”. Three years on that follow-up is here, and with Disconnected there’s no questioning the size of the Oslo five-piece’s sound. They’ve further proved their way with huge, expansive sonic vistas, through six songs that are often irresistibly, comfortingly widescreen in their aesthetics and melodic sweep.

Like a parent hearing a crying child, you’re instinctively drawn towards the yearning, melancholic minor chords of
the opening track Killer, but lean in closer and you don’t feel quite so sympathetic: ‘I’m only here for the ride, here for the fun,’ sings frontman Asle Tostrup, ‘and I’ll kill if I must, whatever it takes to stay on top.’ Two verses and two choruses in, the song soars off into the Stratocastersphere for the next five minutes, punctuated by tickles of echoey, U2-ish guitar effects.


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