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The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project: Live In Colombia album/DVD review

Album Review

In every imaginable format, the night The Alan Parsons Project went symphonic.

The irony is not lost on Alan Parsons that an album series that remained resolutely studio-bound during its halcyon run is now regularly celebrated on stages worldwide. The Projects did not regularly transmute into a live entity until the 1990s, long after the conclusion of their 11-year, 10-album manifestation on disc. With the obvious but important caveat that the latter-day touring band navigated by Parsons is manned with younger, entirely accomplished, personnel, the group has become an adept representation of an august and unique body of work.

Now, the APP goes symphonic and multi-format. Or, if not quite now, then one summer night in 2013 in Medellin, Colombia, when the group were joined on a vast stage by the city’s 70-piece symphony orchestra and a resonant choir. The occasion is now delivered to posterity in DVD, Blu-ray, double CD digital, triple vinyl and download formats, all desirable mementos of a night that honoured a singular catalogue.

An adept representation of an august body of work.


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