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Bent Knee: Say So album review

Album Review

Brilliant uneasy listening from Boston sextet Bent Knee

Specialising in subversive, sleight-of-hand rhythms and abrupt mood swings, the third album by the Boston-based collective challenges the casual listener to either keep up or keep away. As with their self-titled 2011 debut and 2014’s Shiny Eyed Babies it’s a bold, uncompromising strategy that’s done them no harm at all in their slow-but-sure progress, as they seem poised to move beyond the cultish circles of admiration which they’ve inhabited so far.

With Say So, the earlier rough edges of their developing sound have been streamlined somewhat, but the band retain
a precociously insatiable appetite to change the game, often within the course of a particular song. You’re never entirely sure which time-signature or thumping wallop of extreme dynamics you’ll encounter in the next verse.


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