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Frost*: Falling Satallites album review

Album Review

Jem Godfrey and band rocket back into the prog firmament as Frost*.

Despite Jem Godfrey being a frightful tease about the nature of, and timescales for, the follow-up to 2008’s Experiments In Mass Appeal, to anyone familiar with the full Frost* story it isn’t unsurprising that things haven’t panned out quite as advertised. But what has finally emerged is an album of great depth and variety that explores some new paths, yet remains unmistakeably Frost*-shaped.

First Day ushers in Frost* circa 2016 via an expansive wave of synth with a foreboding edge and a gorgeous vocal. It’s followed by the urgent, up-tempo rock pummelling of Numbers, establishing the album’s themes of the astronomical odds in life and against any of us being here in the first place.




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