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Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence album review

Album Review

Complex concept album fuses force and philosophising.

Just your regular “existential concept album” inspired by the Albert Camus essay The Myth Of Sisyphus, this record concerns an English software engineer working in Iowa who, amid a morass of paranoia, starts to lose his marbles and reckons aliens are coming to get him. What, it ponders, is the meaning and purpose of our existence upon this hostile planet? Also, the guitar solos are really cool.

Like a series of The X Files, only without the sexual tension.

Cosmograf is the prog handle of Robin Armstrong, who has released five albums under the name since 2009. He plays many instruments and records (mostly) in a studio at the bottom of his garden. This time he’s joined by respected guests Nick Beggs on bass and Big Big Train’s Nick D’Virgilio on drums, plus Spock’s Beard’s Dave Meros and vocalist Rachael Hawnt. There’s also a stream of spoken-word snippets and sound effects weaving in and out, fanning up the mildly unsettling and unapologetically serious atmosphere. It’s like immersing yourself in a series of The X Files, only without the unresolved sexual tension. Armstrong’s ambition is to take one giant leap into the heart of the contemporary concept album.


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