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Peter Baumann - Romance 76/Trans Harmonic Nights album reviews

Album Review

Tangerine Dream man’s first solo dalliances.

Most fans would agree that although short-lived (1972-’77), it’s when the band were spearhead by the three-headed line-up of Christopher Franke, Edgar Froese and Peter Baumann that Tangerine Dream reached their artistic zenith. However, the latter party’s importance is often overlooked. Long out of print and originally released in 1976 and 1979, his first two solo albums – recorded respectively when he was still in, and then out, of the Tangs – restore a measure of justice and highlight how his was a huge contribution to their success, especially Romance 76. Even if it’s a relatively short 34 minutes in length, not only is it a perfect bridge between Baumann’s then-present and future but it also showcases two very distinctive personalities (also hinted at on the sleeve art).


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