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And Last But Not Least Prog Reviews Roundup

Album Review

Grant Moon rounds up some of the other records passing under the portcullis of Prog Towers.

Quirky Italo-Polish trio The Samurai Of Prog return with their curious fourth album Lost And Found. Here – with the writers’ blessing – they record long-lost songs by the likes of Pavlov’s Dog, Odyssey, Cathedral and Quill. Notable among these are the 20-minuter Inception by Lift’s Chip Gremillion, and Quill’s The Demise, a colossal piece that takes up all of disc two. Hammonds warble, Steve Unruh’s violin and flute take us into pastoral territory, and the flavours of prog’s golden era come seeping through. Yes’ Jon Davison, his Glass Hammer comrade Kamran Shikoh and Unitopia’s Mark Trueack are among the guests making a valuable contribution to a warmly rendered album which you might just fall in love with.

Texan duo Marc and Wayne Byers, aka Aloft, purvey a thrilling, cinematic yet tuneful blend of Ebowed guitars and spacey sound textures on Dark Energy. With an Eno-esque approach to production there’s a folk-like simplicity to some of the repetitive melodies here, plus some whacking quasi-industrial metal, and a tip-top blend of analogue and digital sound on tracks such as The Neutral Zone, Glassing Effect and Edge Detection. Imagine Hawkwind, Lemon Jelly and Public Service Broadcasting soundtracking a movie set in Brian Cox’s brain. In IMAX.


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