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The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness album review

Album Review

Thieves steal Gavin Harrison for return-to-prog record.

Earlier this year, Bruce Soord took to Twitter to offer a humorous apologia. Linking to a 2014 interview for Prog’s parent mag Classic Rock, Soord tweeted, “Did I say ‘I can’t see myself moving back to prog epics’? #uturn.”

The Pineapple Thief’s return to progressive sounds on Your Wilderness is not so much a U-turn as it is a screeching handbrake turn to escape a creative cul-de-sac. The band’s previous record, Magnolia, was arguably its weakest. Despite Soord’s knack for pleasing, stadium-scale, air-punching riffs that could appeal to fans of Foals and Foos, shorter songs and pro forma rock kinetics lacked his earlier, exploratory scope.

Fans who originally fell in love with TPT circa Variations On A Dream (2003) may feel a second honeymoon coming on when they hear 8 Years Later, the bonus song on the deluxe edition. Forty minutes long, it cycles through more stages than the Tour de France. Soord’s epic encompasses dream-state vocals over ruminative sighs of Fender Rhodes, slow-core guitar solos that unfurl like solar flares arcing into space, and pulse-quickening electronic music overlaid with the bustling sounds of a London Underground train.

A handbrake turn to escape a creative cul-de-sac.


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