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Soft Machine - Third/Fourth/Fifth/Six album review

Album Review

Classic Soft Machine given an out-bloody-rageously great vinyl makeover.

It’s always been a source of deep regret that Soft Machine’s best-known, and arguably most revered work, Third (1970) was so ineptly recorded and sounded so dire and underpowered, that it criminally short-changed the band who were operating at their peak. So it’s no surprise that the reissue of four of the five albums Soft Machine released on CBS in the early 70s has been greeted by fans with some excitement.

Tragically, the absence of Third’s multitrack reels, long missing from CBS’s vaults, means a much-needed Steven Wilson-style remix remains something of a Holy Grail. Though previous remasters, such as 2007’s CD editions, have garnered some enhancements, there are limits to what this kind of sonic necromancy can achieve.


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