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The Cadillac Three - Bury Me In My Boots album review

Album Review

Tennessee roots-’n’-rock trio get it right with forward-thinking new album Bury Me In My Boots

For a nation without a real ‘country’ scene of its own, the UK has developed a healthy taste for countrified rock. But one group in particular have bridged the gap between sun-kissed country tones and harder stuff; pleasing the (largely older) Skynyrd aficionados and younger rock listeners.

Enter The Cadillac Three, three Nashville-fried school friends, formerly known as American Bang (the ill-fated result of a frustrating tenure with Warner Bros Records) before going independent and merging country roots with the heavy venom of a young Metallica. Their self-titled debut came out in the US in 2012 and they’ve toured it ever since, including regular UK gigs and increasingly big venues. Consequently, a sizeable audience now knows their songs well.

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