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Guru Guru Groove Band - The Birth Of Krautrock 1969 album review

Album Review

Is it though? Is it?

There are ostensibly two distinct incarnations of Krautrock presently being employed as reference points today. In its broadest sense it’s a handy catch-all term for experimental German rock. Birthdate? Arguable, but probably 1966. That was the year that Stockhausen student Irmin Schmidt returned to Cologne after a year hanging out with the Velvet Underground in NYC to form the band that would be Can with Holger Czukay. Meanwhile, musical primitives The Monks’ ’66 German tour and the concurrent arrival of LSD both had seismic effects on the country’s burgeoning free jazz community. Whatever, German rock experimentation was at least a toddler when Guru Guru’s future rhythm section attempted to get their ’69 groove on.


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