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Nosound - Scintilla album review

Album Review

Italian apprentice Giancarlo Erra becomes the master

Giancarlo Erra is a man that knows what he likes. Throughout Nosound’s 10 year journey he has been the definition of the steady hand, both on the tiller and the fretboard. For fifth album Scintilla, Kscope would have us believe that the Italian progster has pursued a direct and dramatic new tack – boiling down the Nosound formula of space-y, melancholic meanderings and paeans to the like of No-Man, to an exciting blend of its raw constituent parts.

Less of a fresh start, more a masterful culmination.

However, past form indicates that’s not exactly Erra’s way. The skill of his craft lies in his ability to steadily chip away and refine his block of musical marble, inching ever closer to the sound in his head. In this respect, Scintilla represents less of a fresh start, more a masterful culmination of a process that began with solo demos in 2002.

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