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Various - Electri_City 2: Elektronische_Musik_Aus_Düsseldorf album review

Album Review

Bring the Neu!s...

Krautrock, despite the impression given by its ongoing ghettoisation at the hands of the rock media is an exceptionally broad church. Though defined by a degree of experimentation, it no more ‘sounds all the same’ than rock itself, yet within its confines there are observable subdivisions, the influence of geographical location looming bafflingly large. Just as the music of Detroit boasts a certain essential grit, so the music of Düsseldorf is somehow krautrock distilled. Stripped of loose-fitting, flared-everything, laissez-faire, hippie-dip improvisations and the honking saxophony of moustachioed jazz, Düsseldorf’s kraut has always been intrinsically digital. Even in the analogue era, Neu! produced music so clean and futuristic as to be, if not quite computer-generated, certainly the product of some form of musical Übermensch.


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