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Winterfylleth album review – The Dark Hereafter

Album Review

Grim princes Winterfylleth continue their magisterial rise with new album

The key to Winterfylleth’s unerring upward trajectory has long been the sheer power and individuality of their music.

Conjurers of the wild, majestic spirit of the English countryside, infused with a strong sense of history and delivered with venomous grace, they are as close to a homegrown Emperor as we have yet produced. With that in mind, The Dark Hereafter is an unequivocal big deal before it even begins, with all the expectations and pressures that inevitably entails.

That this is the band’s finest album yet is even more satisfying as a result. Rather than exhibiting a desire to evolve for the sake of it, these windswept epics retain the elemental roar of Winterfylleth’s trademark guitar barrage, but the sonic space occupied has been broadened and enhanced, making the sustained rush of 13-minute centrepiece Green Cathedral almost unbearably vivid and emotionally charged. Like an icy wind that cuts you to the very core, Pariah’s Path is unforgiving and imperious, but its creators’ sincerity and poetic approach to both lyrics and music ensures that great humanity underlies the excoriating bombast. A timely reminder of black metal’s ability to stir the soul, The Dark Hereafter is a revelation.


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