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Opeth - Sorceress album review

Album Review

Sparkling Swedes Opeth keep us under their spell

Times are tough for Opeth’s beleaguered metal fans. They were plunged into hair-pulling despair when the Swedes unleashed the kaleidoscopic _Heritage_ in 2011, which stripped away the signature death vocals and the deafening distortion in favour of sprawling 70s prog licks. Pale Communion built on the experimentation three years later, dipping toes into fusion and country. And now, will the metalheads get their kicks again? Nope. But Opeth ringleader Mikael Åkerfeldt doesn’t give two hoots, and rightly so.

The band’s 12th album, Sorceress, recorded at Wales’ iconic Rockfield Studios, feels like a natural progression, adding more colours to their palette. In an odd dichotomy: it’s Opeth at their most infectious, but it still feels like a grower. Åkerfeldt’s vocals, although always like liquid velvet, are at their most grabbable. Meanwhile, the music flourishes, despite rarely overflowing with fretboard theatrics.

Will the metalheads get their kicks once again? Nope.

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