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Syd Arthur - Apricity album review

Album Review

A surging fourth LP from Syd Arthur who step out from Canterbury to California.

Syd Arthur claim this album is the distillation of all they’ve been exploring in their music up to now. That’s clearly more than just a throwaway bit of PR, because it really feels that way. Apricity was recorded in the US with engineer Jason Falkner of Jellyfish and it’s more concentrated and focused than their previous releases, both in terms of its structure and production.

Josh Magill has replaced Fred Rother on drums, bringing the number of Magill brothers up to three and giving a more physical and direct approach to the kit. Much was initially made of the fact that Syd Arthur are a progressively inclined group hailing from Canterbury, but they’ve always sounded 21st century. They often play songs in five and seven time, slightly reminiscent of Caravan, but they generally avoid the longueurs associated with those 70s bands. Their punchy, syncopated grooves make them closer to groups such as Eyes And No Eyes, Temples and White Denim, whom they’re supporting in October.

Their best-arranged set of songs, played with pizzazz.


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