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Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans Expanded Edition album review

Album Review

Steven Wilson-tweaked, now longer version of the prog gods’ 1973 album that Yes fans still bicker over whether it’s bonkers or brilliant

Famous as the album that drove Rick Wakeman into the arms of an onstage chicken vindaloo, Tales From Topographic Oceans is one of rock’s most derided, divisive albums. An 80-minute mystical monster informed by Hindu scripture, Gregorian chant and the Vietnam War, it has become the go-to folly for anyone eager to mock Yes, Jon Anderson in particular, progressive music as a whole and the 1970s in general. “Tales From Topographic Oceans is like a woman’s padded bra,” Wakeman said. “The cover looks good but when you peel off the padding there’s not a lot there.”

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